About us

Adventure Makers Bonaire is Bonaire's newest touring company. We bring years of experience from all aspects of the Bonairean tourism and hospitality industry. We specialise in small group tours and private tours. All of our tours never take more than 9 people so we can always guarantee that we can offer you the personal attention you deserve. Because of this we believe that we can give you the ultimate touring experience on our beautiful island Bonaire. 

About the team

Adventure Makers Bonaire is a dual ownership. Marko van Eerd and Niek Spreeuwenberg run the company together. Marko is a very experienced sailor, engineer, and dive instructor. He has crossed a lot of our world's oceans on his own boat before eventually settling on Bonaire. After working as a dive instructor for multiple years he decided it was finally time to fulfill his dream and start his own touring company. He called his buddy Niek to see if he was interested in joining and as a result the Adventure Makers Bonaire were born. Niek brings a lot of experience in the organisational aspect as well as having worked as a host, bartender, and operational manager in Bonaire's tourism industry. He was immediately excited about the dream and after a few months of preparation the amazing result is finally here. These two exploring enthusiasts share their mutual dream and they are very excited to share it with you too!

About the fleet


We use a Landrover Defender 110 and a Landrover Discovery II for our tours. These well maintained vehicles are battle tested and in perfect condition to take on all of Bonaire's (dirt) roads. No road is unexplorable for these amazing pieces of equipment. And that is exactly why we are so fond of it.