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From USD 75

Is sightseeing on one side of the island not enough for you? Do not worry because Adventure Makers Bonaire also offers a full island tour! We will stop at all of the sites that are described in the north side tour (click here for full description) and south side tour (click here for full description): the salt flats, the slave huts, Pekelmeer, Sorobon, the scenic route, Goto Lake, Ricon, the Indian inscriptions, and Seru Largu.  Snorkeling at one site is also included in this tour. This full day program will allow you to make the most of the day and experience Bonaire to its fullest.



Duration: ± 7 hours

Start: 08:30

Price: $75 per person

Lunch and drinks included



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From USD 75

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  • Salt pier
  • Salt pans
  • Slave huts
  • Pekelmeer
  • Sorobon
  • Scenic route
  • 1000 Steps
  • Goto Lake
  • Rincon
  • Indian inscriptions
  • Seru Largu


  1. Start
  2. Salt pier
  3. Salt flats
  4. Slave huts
  5. Pekelmeer
  6. Sorobon
  7. Start scenic route
  8. 1000 Steps
  9. Goto Lake
  10. Rincon
  11. Indian inscriptions
  12. Seru Largu
  13. End