Cave (snorkel) tour

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From USD 55

Visit a completely different part of the island during the cave tour. Caves are still a relatively unknown part of Bonaire to many visitors. But they are absolutely stunning. There is a new Caves & Karst park on the north side of the island. This park will be visited during the tour. It consist of different caves. Several of these caves will be visited during a hike throughout the entire are of the Caves & Karst park. Some of the caves are dry caves but there is also a wet cave which allows you to submerge into a completely different world as you can even snorkel in this one. Before the caves will be entered everyone will receive a briefing about what can be excpected. The cave tour allows you to actively explore this wonderful part of the island while also learning more about its history, creation, and ecological importance to the entire island. 

The cave (snorkel) tour is a very active tour that requires a good physical condition. The hike is on rough and sharp terrain and it also involves some scrambling. So even though the caves are stunning, this is not a tour that is suitable for everyone. It is also very important to wear good closed shoes! Active clothing is reccommended too. The rest of the materials are supplied by the company.


Duration: ± 4 hours

Start: 08:00 (pick up times can vary)

Price: $55 per person

Snacks and drinks included



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From USD 55

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  • Caves & Karst park
  • Dry cave
  • Wet cave for snorkeling


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