South side tour

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The south side tour provides a great opportunity to learn more about Bonaire’s history and to see some of the island’s ecological highlights. Drive by the salt flats and be amazed by the size and colors of this operation. The tour will continue for a stop at the Slave Huts that served as shelters for the slaves working the salt pans. Here one can learn more about the island’s history. The next stop is the Pekelmeer where there is a great chance to spot flamingos. From there on will we visit Sorobon Beach at Lac Bay. There will be some beach time to enjoy the sheer beauty of the bay and spot all the windsurfers doing their magic. The final stop is Lac Cai at the other side of the bay where you can look at the piles of empty conch shells. 



Duration: ± 3.5 hours

Start: 08:30 or 13:30

Price: $40 per person

Snacks and drinks included



Is this the adventure that you are looking for? Unfortunately this tour does not have a fixed schedule and is only available upon request. Click the 'INQUIRE BOOKING' button to send us a request. We will explore other scheduling options for your request and we will send you a manual confirmation. Please note that a tour is not confirmed until you receive such confirmation from us. 


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  • Salt pier
  • Salt pans
  • Slave huts
  • Pekelmeer
  • Sorobon
  • Lac Cai


  1. Start
  2. Salt pans
  3. Salt pier
  4. Slave huts
  5. Pekelmeer
  6. Sorobon
  7. Lac Cai
  8. End